Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Life Beyond Expectation

Despite everyone's belief (including my own) that Cosmos's time was up three weeks ago, true to the pattern he has followed his entire life, he did not live by the plan. I am so happy for the extra time he has given me!

Our days (between medications and IVs or, as I refer to them as, the 'unpleasantness') consist of meals - hallelujah! he continues to eat!!!!,

taking sun baths,

watching TV,

and going for short walks.

Cosmos is very dedicated to our walks.

He is old and doddering and very unstable on his feet, but has a continual smile as we move about the neighborhood.

There is very important pee-mail to pick up and respond to. On the days that I might be late undertaking this activity, he comes to me and demands that I do the responsible thing and take him out.

I owe such a debt of gratitude to not only all of you who continue to support me through this ordeal (and I know that it's not over and he doesn't have much time), but especially Dr. Rebecca Florio at Chat Oak Veterinary Clinic who has guided me through the treatment of my boy, and risen to every occasion and crisis with a calm competance that is a nice counterpoint to my panic, and Risa Reid of Furballs, "Aunt Risa" to my boys, who has selflessly continued to stop by and help me get Cozie to do what he needs to do - like eat - to survive when I'm at my wit's end, who has provided a shoulder to cry on and an ear to bend when I am in panic mode at the thought of losing my boy, and has been an incredibly good friend as well as our animal caretaker of choice.

Both of these women keep telling me that I am the one who is really keeping Cosmos alive and comfortable, alert, active, and wanting to go on. But I know that I would have given up in despair a while ago had it not been for their encouragement and gentle instruction. We owe them Cosmos's life.

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