Saturday, August 29, 2009

Death Season

It occurred to me tonight... it was 10 years since my Dad's fatal heart attack on August 12th. He remained "alive" for three weeks as a mechanically breathing corpse, and he was finally allowed to leave us on September 3rd. 10 full years gone next week.

Sometimes it seems like yesterday. Sometimes it seems a lifetime ago. Amazing things have happened since then, and he would have intensely enjoyed them.

I miss him.


Anonymous said...

Sudden dark thoughts are no fun. They will pass and be replaced by sweeter ones. Peace.

Adele said...

It is hard for me to forget because it puts a downer end to my birthday. I still have the binder with all the emails. I haven't looked at it in years. It would be too upsetting. Some day I'll take it out if Ian has questions. On 9/11 I kept thinking that if he were alive, the events would have just killed him. However, I think he would be proud to see what you have made of your life, and he would have just loved playing at math and science with Ian.


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