Friday, August 28, 2009

Turtle Moving Day

In the old tank. It seemed that no matter how often I cleaned it - as much as two or three times a day, I couldn't turn the water into anything except for green awful muck.

I did a lot of research about Slider Turtles on line... apparently they are known for being really dirty, and often require water changes as much as two to three times a week even under great living circumstances.

I had planned to leave them in their old home for a couple of weeks so that they had time to get used to me and not have to deal with a new house at the same time.

Ben was a bit more assertive and Jerry, and sometimes would come out and look at me, but they were both freaking out when they realized that I was looking back at them.

They'd scramble around their tank, running into wall after wall after wall. I was afraid they were going to hurt themselves. I just couldn't let it go any longer, even though they really didn't know of my kind intentions yet.

So out with the old tank...

And in with the new. Both turtles were completely freaked out when I put them in their new home. They went down into the bottom back corner, frantically scratching at the glass trying to find a way out. I felt awful... Did I do the right thing? Should I have waited before moving them? It was so awful to watch that I took no pictures at all.

Ben, always more brave, was the first to peek out of his new home to see what was what.
Jerry (on the right) followed, but was much more fearful and dove back underneath as soon as he saw me.

Both turtles remained under their dock for quite a while. That's where they liked to hide in their old home.

But soon curiosity started taking over. First Ben, then later Jerry started moving about.

Ben checks out the new location of his filter, aka the waterfall.

And seems to like the basking light that I installed over their floating island.

Does this picture look just a little bit like jaws?

Starting to get braver and letting me come close.

Jerry discovers the floating island.

I like this photo because Ben (and later Jerry) figured out that they could hang five on the edge of the dock and keep their heads out of the water easier.

I didn't know that not all 20 gallon tanks are the same. There is 20 gallon tall, and 20 gallon long. We got 20 gallon long. Lots of swimming room. The turtles are now starting to explore their environment and swim back and forth in their new home.

The dogs are not so much in favor of the turtles getting all the attention.

Both turtles seem drawn to the end of the tank with the basking light. Right now, it's just an incandescent light. I need to get a special bulb specifically for reptiles. In fact, I need two bulbs, because apparently there is one for day time and one for night.

Fortunately, the Red Barn carries both, is very inexpensive, and is only a couple of blocks from home.

Doing laps.

More laps.

I think the turtles, in their new home, suddenly realized that I had only the best intentions for them. They suddenly became very curious about me instead of hiding.

I think the turtles, in their new home, suddenly realized that I had only the best intentions for them. They suddenly became very curious about me instead of hiding.

And instead of diving and hiding as I walked up to the tank, they poked their heads out to take a closer look at me.

It's hard to see, but in this picture, they both swam to my side of the tank, did some kind of conference below the water, then surfaced and gave me a long appraising look. I think this is their way of saying Thank You.

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Saucy said...

You have some amazing shots of your the turtles! That one where he is in the water looking out through the glass at your camera could be in a magazine!


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