Monday, September 21, 2009

A New Website In Progress

When Eric taught me HTML Coding, I had no idea where it was going to lead to. All I knew was that it was a fun new game, and also that it was helping me develop a web link which is private (you need to know the specific address for it to be of any help to you... it's not linked into any other location) but contains all of my most up-to-date medical information. The whole idea was that it should be immediately available to any of my physicians who needed to know what medications I was on, or other important information to treat in the case that I was unable to speak for myself.

That link has turned out to be a very important tool, but my main site which is public, while providing some links and fun, continued to look amateurish, despite my attempts to make it otherwise.

As I am trying to reclaim my life, and build towards a future where I might not have to rely on SSDI to live, I decided that I needed something that could be developed now and made a more fully functioning site when the time was right. I realized that I did not have the skills to make something that I would find desirable myself, and after contacting a friend who is apparently closing up her web design business and not interested in taking on new clients, it turned out that I could buy canned programs on line and customize them to my own needs. My programming skills, with spot help from Eric when I hit roadblocks, is adequate for this purpose.

The site is in development now, and I am excited for where it can go. I am dedicating pages to my bio, my weight loss journey (ever a struggle), my jewelry (which I hope someday to offer for sale in a big way and yes, I think I have the skills and drive to really make something out of it if only I didn't have to worry about medical insurance and the fact that I am completely un insurable without a public option), my Family and Friends, and other important facets of my life... or facets that at least are important to me.

I present to you right now the Home Page, and a couple of the Weight Loss Pages for your review. If you have any comments or constructive criticism, I'd love to hear it. If you just like them, I'd love to hear that too. If you hate 'em, but don't have anything to offer in the way of improvements, well, you're entitled to your opinion. Just don't be mean, please?

Finally, on a different note, Gabby - Eric's 11 year old daughter - has been working hard on her blog. If you have a moment to pop in there and leave more messages, she was very encouraged when she discovered what had been said so far. I don't think she thought that anyone would care. Personally, I'm very gratified and grateful to all of you who have already posted there, and especially to those who have made repeat visits even before I posted this second entreaty. Thank you for your support of a no-longer little girl who is growing up in a situation out of her control, somewhat out of control in general although Eric is close to finally closing out the chapter in his life that is creating the chaos, and developing into a fine young woman.

Click here for Gabby.

Thank you!!!!!!

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LI Laura said...

Wow, Laura! The new site looks fantastic! Very professional and nicely designed. My only suggestion would be to change the font your name is in at the top of the page. I don't know why, but for some reason I have seen a lot of people making fun of websites that use the Comic Sans font. I think it is out of style or something. Strange but true.


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