Monday, February 18, 2008


One of the ironic things about my keeping this blog is the direction that it has gone in. It was originally inspired by my fiber friends, many of whom kept pictoral journals of what they were working on. I thought I was going to do the same as them, recording the spinning and knitting projects that I so enthusiastically worked on. But the nature of my writing is that I often don't know what I am going to say before I put it down and my journey has only infrequently mentioned the crafts projects that I am almost always at.

It's now the Monday after the Friday of the surgery and I am no longer working on an adreneline high. The big bandage has come off of my knee and has been replaced by band aids over the scars & stiches. My foot remains wrapped, but I took the outer layer off, revealing a green wrap and toes that are somewhat swollen but not bruised. Indeed, my knee is less swollen than I would have guessed, probably because of the Game Ready machine, but there is a looseness about my joint that is worrisome. I don't feel at all stable on the leg and proceed around the condo with caution.

I'm also really on my own now. On Friday, Eric was a wonderful help. Saturday I was by myself, but after initial expectations of being up and about, reality took over, I crashed, and spent the majority of the say sleeping. Sunday, I went down to Richard's radio broadcast to meet with his disapproval over I'm not sure exactly what. Maybe my appearance there, maybe his mistaken belief that I was not feeling ok, maybe I did something wrong. I don't know, but whatever.

After the show, I went to Target - yes on crutches - to replace my microwave which had finally bitten the dust, then came home, installed it. Sandy & Christiane came over for a brief visit, then I restlessly paced my condo.

Today, I feel deflated. Lonesome. (I really am all by myself.) And, as in times past when I need soothing, have picked up my knitting needles.

I have an old "UFO" to work on. For those not familiar with the term, UFO stands for "Un Finished Item." In this case, a sweater featured in the 2000 issue of Interweave Knits that I started last year and then, for some unknown reason, got bored with and put down.

The pattern is actually lovely and an easy job to do. It's a modified ribbing, but features a very pretty offset yoke in back and in front.
Rather than using the yarn called for in the pattern, I've pressed some old cotton that I picked up at an estate sale for almost nothing into service. It's incredibly soft, somewhat lusterous, and delightful to work with.

I'm probably about 1/2 way up the back and just about to start the armholes.
Of course, this is not how I had hoped to be spending my time, but perhaps I'll at least get something tangible out of my infirmity.


Anonymous said...

maybe you'll be able to cross something off your UFO list during this little bit of down time..I was up doing dishes when i looked over and saw dragonboy, pixxie, and bugaboo scrolling threw your blog..They have heard me speak of you and finally their curiosity took the best of them..The exclamations of amazement that came out of them made my heart quicken..I hope to hear them say that about me at goal.
You are doing incredibly well. Maybe Richard thought that you were pushing yourself too fast and was worried for you? I don't know.
Hugs to you.

hot tamale said...

Should you be driving so soon? Laura Laura Laura pleeeeeeeese take care of all that beautiful work your doctors did on that knee and foot. I'd hate to see you go thru all this pain and suffering just to be in the same place you were before surgery. As hard as it can be, you need to rest. Your body has taken a shot going thru surgery, loss blood, fluids etc and it needs time to come back from all that and it needs rest. I hate that you're alone when you need help the most but I know you'll get thru it. You are an amazing, strong woman Laura
love you

Doll Creelman-Migliaccio said...

Picking up the needles will often sooth me...not always, but most times. Enjoy the fibery time you have; indulge yourself in the feeling of the cotton and enjoy the knowledge of a perhaps sooner than thought, finished garment!

Keeping lots of positive thoughts about you. Great big hugs. Doll


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