Sunday, February 10, 2008

Festival of Mushrooms

Today, as our last Sunday adventure before I am grounded by surgery, Eric & I decided to go to the Arboretum of Los Angeles for their 24th Annual Mushroom Festival. Sponsored by the Los Angeles Mycological Society, it promised to be an event that was blog-worthy if ever there was one.

Now I can already see your rolling eyes... hear you sigh... and then mutter "Only you, Laura, would go to a mushroom festival." Not true, dear reader. And here is proof in the picture. There were a lot of people at the Mushroom festival.

OK then. Now that that is over, back to the story. We entered the Arboretum to be greeted by this sign of warning not to mess with the Peacocks.

Ah, but I disagree. Their behavior was entirely predictable. Being spring, the males of the species were strutting their stuff. "And why?" you ask.
For the same reason that all men strut their stuff. There were in the presence of girls. And the girls, as women do the world over, ignored them. The harder the boys tried, the more they were ignored by the girls.
The males were actually very interesting. They turned in slow circles to be sure that all the girls saw them, and rattled their tail feathers too! I didn't know that they did that before today, but I can tell you that the sound is quite striking.

However, just like many people that I know, they appeared to be so interested in how they looked from the front that they completely forget to consider their back side. Oy.
After passing through countless peacocks on the make, we came to this signage. Mushroom Fair to the right. Orchids and Carniverous plants to the left.
We went to the right, and saw table after table of countless varieties of mushrooms! Wild mushrooms, domestic mushrooms, big mushrooms, small mushrooms, edible mushrooms, and poisonous mushrooms. It was all very interesting. Who woulda thought?
We enjoyed a mushroom cooking demonstration by Chef Margaret Ferrazzi of Marina Del Rey. She made a delicious salad featuring mixed sauteed mushrooms.
I had to take quite a few pictures of her to get the money shot... the one where she was in mid-toss of mushrooms.
Look at what we got to sample! Mushroom salad with a homemade vinegrette dressing in a warm tortilla, fresh off the pan.
After finishing up at the festival, we walked around the grounds. We visited Madagascar...
and spent quite a bit of time on a park bench enjoying this view.
I was pretty amused that the restrooms were located right next to the waterfall, but it is actually very fortunate positioning, don't you think?
Some of the other visitors.

And, as we wrapped up our afternoon and were leaving for the day, we discovered that nothing had changed amongst the Peacocks.

The boys were still strutting for the girls and the girls were still ignoring them.


Anonymous said...

except the females look like they're making a jail brake!!

I didn't realize all the different types of mushrooms.

The pictures are beautiful

Claudia said...

You were exactly right. The first thought I had was that only you would go to a mushroom festival. LOL That's one of the things I admire about you. It's that ability that you have to think out of the box. It makes ME go out of my comfort zone on occasion too. Thanks!

hot tamale said...

I've been know,on occasion to make the statement, Stop treating me like a mushroom, keeping me in the dark and feeding me bullshit but I bet you learned in class, they probably are not feed that! LOL I think your ability to think outside the box is why we are drawn to you like a goose to water.
Becky (a goose Mom)


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