Thursday, February 28, 2008


I guess it must be post surgical syndrome. Successfully having my stitches removed from my foot yesterday, I left the Podiatrist's office with instructions to "keep the foot dry and call immediately if the wound appears to be reopening." Dr. Boghossian sent me away with only a band aid over the wound, no wrap of any kind. So that leaves me completely stitchless... nothing secures the surgical sites on either my knee or foot.

My foot sports a huge and deeply purple bruise that seems to be expanding over the last 24 hours. I actually kind of like it. It looks far worse than the foot feels and therefore is great for the pity factor. It would also be a lovely color to duplicate in a dying experiment. It's spring. Perhaps pulling my dye pot and fiber out of the closet might be a fun adventure?

I'm set up to start Physical Therapy next Monday. I'll be going back to JMP Rehabilitation where I will resume my 25 plus year relationship with Rocky, a critical person in my ongoing recovery from orthopedic and fibromyalgic issues. I can't say that I'm thrilled about it - I'm not - but I recognize this as another place to go and perhaps a source of inspiration to start moving again.

This morning, I'm tired and not feeling like doing much of anything. I'm dressed, but at 11 am, not made up and ready to get the day started. I have to do laundry (I'm out of sheets, towels, and dangerously close to to my last pair of underwear) and need to get to a Jewelry Store to buy a Medic Alert bracelet. Emphatic orders from Dr. Barnett yesterday. I've been putting that off for months now, not wanting a piece of jewelry to draw yet more attention to my medical issues. But at this point, I guess I will go along with it. He seemed so aggitated that I hadn't already done so. And at the same time, I guess I'll break down and buy the multivitimans that Dr. Bluestone strongly recommends. A Vitiman B and D deficiency spurs his suggestion.

Hopefully, with an increase in my PA schedule starting Monday, I'll find the energy that I am currently lacking. Although everything inside of me is telling me to rest, I know in my mind that lethargy spawns more lethargy, and activity will inspire more of the same.


Anonymous said...

Does Rain and Clouds inspire Lethargy?

I've been thinking of you as I do my workouts this week..yes I'm exercising claudia if you read this. I keep telling myself if Laura can do this in her condition so can I..The chair had become my friend during exercise. I've managed to do Blast & Tone, and Supertonin Totally Tonin and 60s Blast Off from the chair in the last three days. Today it will be walking.

If anybody can break Lethargy's Spirits and Holds it's you girl..

GET ER DONE (sorry Larry the Cable guy popped out of my mouth)

Love you!!!

hot tamale said...

true BUT you've got to remind yourself you've had surgery, not that you are lazy. The body goes thru alot of trauma going thru any surgery and takes time for the toxins to leave your body and for you to start feeling good again. Please know your body is not forsaking you, just being smart.


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