Thursday, February 21, 2008


I'm known amongst many of my friends as being very creative. Last year, I learned how to use beads and found a new passion in making jewelry. Surprisingly to me - but apparently few others, my 'wearable art' found an immediate audience and I sold some pieces. Not enough to call it "making a living," but in numbers enough to make me feel validated as an artist. A REAL artist, not just a wannabe.

Last December, I decided to take a short break. After delivering the last few sets just before Christmas, I decided to take a little time to rest and concentrate on me. That break lasted longer than I would have envisioned.

At the turn of the year, it was time to get back into the production groove again, but somehow I had lost momentum. Between not producing on a daily basis and snowballing health issues (primarily the knee and foot although some of my other recurrent chronic issues are back too), I just couldn't get going. I had clients waiting on me, patiently I will add, but nothing. Nada. I just couldn't find it within me to complete anything.

I suppose in a sense, making jewelry is like any other business. The "go to" people are the ones that are already busy. They know how to put themselves out. Get a job done. I worried that I had left their ranks and had become one of the unproductive dreamers.

Fortunately, my state of lethargy seemed to abate a couple of days ago, and voila! I have completed my first set in two months!!!!!

This is a bead embroidered amulet bag of my own design. The backing and lining are lamb skin. The picture unfortunately does not adequately capture the glow that it puts off.

I think my favorite part is the partial fringe. Irregular in nature, it reflects nature itself which rarely sticks to a single pattern. It's a consignment piece and my intentions are to deliver it to it's guardian this evening.

My next piece is already designed in my mind. I need to get a draw-down done and I'll be at it tomorrow. Thank goodness. The lethargy is gone. I'm back.


Doll Creelman-Migliaccio said...

How wonderful! Isn't it great when the creativity in you just bounces back? We all need to nurture that part of ourselves. Looks like yours, once more, has found it's voice! Enjoy the creative process. Your work is truly beautiful!

Love ya,

spinningmom said...

Rock on! I'll be down March 18th-20th then 24th through April 8th can we get together? Trish


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