Monday, February 4, 2008

Follow Your Heart

On Sunday, Eric & I has special business to be taken care of. Our first stop was Aardvarks, a resale vintage clothing company, where he could outfit himself appropriately for next Saturday's Father-Daughte "Feeling groovy" 60's dance at Lupine Hills Elementary School.

Instead of the prerequisite POTP wig that we thought he was going to wear, instead, we found him a giant afro to go along with his "mod" indian print shirt

We then decided to have lunch at "Follow Your Heart" health food market at restaurant.

We choose to eat outdoors on the heated patio.

Inside was a health food market. Bulk foods...

Natural products... Vitamins, Herbs, & Cosmetics...

Once we were finished, we had to get gas. I always like gas at the particular location that Eric chooses to buy it for the neighbor there is an estabilshment called "Donut Queen" This is Los Angeles. What exactly do they mean by Donut QUEEN? I have not gone inside to find out yet.

Because I have been too busy watching the TV on top of the gas pump.
After filling up, we went to Costco. We thought that the crowds would be thin there as the Superbowl was on, but we were oh-so wrong.

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Anonymous said...

TV's while filling up your gas? I never saw those while I was in LA..Where the hello have I been?

Love the threads on Eric..He's one coooool Daddy O


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