Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat... Part 2: The ULTIMATE ToT Neighborhood

Calabasas, CA.  The only city in the United States that has an "a" as every other letter.  Where the rich and famous, and I mean RICH AND FAMOUS live when they don't want to live on the West Side.  Eric lived there when we first met, and in fact until we moved into our home.  On the wrong side of the tracks for that city, for the houses on the right side of the tracks are behind gated community check points and start at about 10 million and go up from there.  The houses on the wrong side are "only" about 1 million to 1.5 million dollars.  And on the "wrong" side of the tracks is a special neighborhood where people bring their kids from far and wide.  The reason?  The houses are big, but they are narrow, and go far back onto the property, generally 2 story.  The point is they are narrow.  NARROW.  About 15 feet between front doors.  And even though the people who live there are poor by Calabasas standards, they are hardly without money.  The candy that is handed out is all superb, the shows are spectacular, and the streets are jam-packed with kids.  That is where we went tonight to trick-or-treat.
Actually from last night, Ian and Uncle Al, visiting from Philadelphia

I don't know why this is turning out sidewise, but from bottom to top, Uncle Al, Miles, and Ian.
Tonight's Trick-or-Treating.  The vast majority of the houses where we went are decorated, many of them elaborately.

Who ya gonna call?

Miles has it under control.

Mother & Daughter act.

Just browsing the web!


Just your average stranger on the street, yet they came stranger than this tonight!

A quick rest before tackling the next block.

Ian and Miles.

Viking Fans, anyone?

This was the best house on the block... a full Halloween party with special effects, a DJ, and Michael Jackson videos!

And suddenly we found ourselves at Linda and Paulina's home, where we were greeted by three jack-o-lanterns...

Skeletons in the Palm Trees,

And an open door and invitation to join the party!

Candy Swap.
Add your own caption in the comments... suggested this evening:

  1. He gave us Crabs.
    We are very crabby women.
    It's that time of the month.
    My wives are so crabby that they wouldn't let me eat any Halloween Candy.
    Sisters.  You can tell by the family resemblence.
    We're so crabby that we can't even keep our FB friends.

    Go ahead, add your own caption in the comments... if you care - lol!

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