Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Share The Love: A Different Featured Artist Every Week!

Good Morning!  Eric & I are back from being married in a private ceremony in Yosemite and it's time to get back to business, or at least blogging!  We'll start by this week's featured Artizen at Share the Love:

This weeks Featured Artisan is Elly's Creations! Beautiful creations!
You can find Elly's Creations at:

Ellie makes very pretty and cost efficient jewelry, and certainly is worth checking out.  Although "Marriage Season" is about to wrap up for us with our reception party in a couple of weeks and once it's done, I will start to post the myriad of jewelry that I have made into my own shop, I don't consider handmade jewelry by other artists a competitive business because we all have our own interpretations of even the exact same materials, and in addition, we work with different skill sets and at different pricepoints.

Ellie's work is perfect for holiday gift giving, especially for those people who you would like to acknowledge but you may not want to spend a bazillion dollars on.  Anyone would be proud to wear her work.  Enjoy her shop!

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