Saturday, October 30, 2010

Early Trick, no Treat

Have I mentioned the indoor waterfall feature that our home boasts of?  It's raining cats and dogs outside and as a precaution, I had pulled Miles's air mattress on which he is camping out in the living room out of the "wet zone" earlier this evening when I heard it might rain.  Thank goodness!  Had it not been for proactive action, he'd be soaked right about now.

The feature is currently dripping from about 6 points in the ceiling, requiring a bucket, a trash can, and a kid's wading pool to catch the output.  However, with the intensity of the rain and the duration warned of on the news last night, I expect we will be shopping for more large buckets later this morning.

Oh, but I am so glad that we are renting this house instead of owning it!

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