Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Shrinking My Brain

I'm just home from Dr. M-, and we talked a good deal about what I blogged on yesterday. He thinks that my issue is I'm putting myself last in line in deference to the needs of others. He thinks I need to take a time out from the phone and social contact.

It's weird. In a way I agree with him. It's hard to argue when I feel like I did when I used to work, pushing myself so hard even though I can feel myself physically failing. I don't know how noticable my fatigue is yet, but I can tell something big and bad is going to happen soon if I don't slow down.

On the other hand, how do I stop? How do I say "no" to the clearly urgent needs of others? And how do I say no to myself when I am putting myself in harms way?

Until last year when I got sick, I knew how to do it. I seem to have forgotten where I put that skill.

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Anonymous said...

when you find it let me know where, and I'll go look for it myself. LOL..


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