Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Running Close to Empty

It seems that the more opportunity that comes my way, the more I do. The last week has been crazy-busy and I hope is going to slow down soon. Never mind that there is no sign of it... I can still hope.

In the meantime, over the past week, I've dealt with the demise of Lisa's car and my mother's emotional reaction to it. I've dealt with new-car shopping, making the ultimate decision that I will take Eric's Lexus and send my car onto Lisa, getting ERic's car use-car checked today, only to have it drop dead during his drive home. Arranged for my own car to be tuned up on Friday before turning it over to Lisa; had the belts tightened today, had it smog checked and registered yesterday.

Attended my GLASG meeting on Saturday; showed my jewelry publicly there for the first time ever. Then was invited to share in a booth on Sunday to show again, and spent the entire day outside. A great learning experience but tiring.

Watched and dealt with Cosmos's health slipping. I've increased his IV schedule to two days on and a one day break. He gets significant numbers of pills three times a day. IN addition, Sunny gets pills two times a day and eye drops three times a day.

Eric's family has brought lice home from school again. Eric is dealing with the majority of the issue, but I am trying to arrange for Gabby to get a cute short hair-cut from a real salon. She's a girl. It's a shame she has to lose her beautiful hair, but at least she will look good in the process.

My diet is going to hell. I see how well Angie is doing; Vennie is really back on track too. I, on the other hand, keep putting myself in situations where I am bound to eat and then I do. All the wrong stuff, too. I don't know if this is classic stress-eating, a phase where I just don't give a damn about what I stuff in my mouth, or the fact that I am so tired. Any one of them alone would cause me to deviate and I ahve a feeling that my issue is some combination of the three.

I'm also still recovering from last week's Cimzia shot, but my Crohns symptoms are starting to get bigger. When Eric & I had lunch out today, my benign choice burned the heck out of my tongue. Sure sign of fissures developing again. I hate that. And no, it may hurt to put things into my mouth, but it doesn't stop me from eating.

I'm also still trying to attend exercise class as much as I can; Uncle Al is in the hospital and I'm listening to my mother stress over that, and I just can't remember what else.

I'd like to take a nap just about now but I need to change the sheets on my bed. Then leave for Exercise Class.

I'm tired.


Anonymous said...

hope things calm down for you..take a breath or two..or three or four. you've been on my mind..Sending positive thoughts your way.

Summer said...

Oh, sweetie, you are going through a lot. Try and take a few moments for yourself. Hope things get better. :)

Claudia said...

Hey Babe,

I'm sorry that things are hard for you right now. I wish I could help you. Please know that I love you.


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