Sunday, April 5, 2009

Back to Business

Now that all the fun and games are over, it's time to get back to business. I have taken several orders for my jewelry, and also found a great deal of the missing pieces (took my visitors to get me to declutter enough around here to realize that I had thrown them into a basket in my studio) and started photographing them. The end result is that I have achieved a lot, but have a lot more to achieve.

These two pieces, both 'Shoe Candy', were a custom order. Instead of using my own beads, I used the beads of a client, mixing my own accent beads and Swarovski Crystals into the mix. I ended up with something far more delicate and colorful than I had previously been making. I'm thinking about adding something like this into my Shoe Candy mix although I have to think about it. If I go into full production with these, they take far longer to make than what I've done to date and I will have to charge more for them. Hmmmm... perhaps they might make terrific earrings?

These are two pieces which were lost and found, and now listed on my Etsy site. Sometimes it's hard to list things for sale and know that I may have to let them go. Repeat to self: I can always make more. I can always make more. I can always make more.

Then there is the Fruit Bracelet project. Again a client order, I started it a couple of days ago, but to my chagrin, the bracelet is turning out far larger and more cost intense than I had intended, and I cannot let it go at the quoted price. The good news is that my client also specified that she wanted something delicate, and this is far from that. So I reorganized my mind as to how I will assemble this piece, put the original aside to be worked on later (I'll offer it up on Etsy), and I'm starting again tonight. I know for sure that my newer design is going to work well for both of us, and I'll still get it finished in plenty of time for her event.

And finally, I'm still working on this:

It's off of the hoop now and lined with leather, but I need to get the fringing done, then attach it to the collar. It's a huge piece, close to my heart, and needs to be done right.

Ahhhhh... and people think I live a life of leisure out here.


LI Laura said...

The cuff with the flower beads is so beautiful! You are an amazing artist.

Vennie said...

Gawd, what beautiful stuff!



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