Saturday, April 11, 2009

When You Lay Down With Dogs...

When you lay down with dogs, you may come out with a very different perspective on life. That in addition to the fleas, of course.

This is what my TV looks like from my perspective on the sofa. Standard older-model 27" television in a very old IKEA Entertainment Center. No big deal.

That is, until you lay down on the floor in front of the TV with Cosmos. (Cosmos's head in lower right hand corner of picture.)

In Cozie's world, the TV looms very large. And yes, he is quite a fan of the Law & Order series.

Once you gain perspective, it's not so surprising that he is consumed by watching his television. It's more surprising, though, that Sunny - and all of my other dogs that came before the current two - don't.


Claudia said...

He may like Law and Order but I'm sure that if you asked him his very favorite thing to watch would be Love Yourself and Win and the Sweatin'videos. "Please Mr Policeman, don't arrest my friends". LOL LOL LOL

Summer said...

:) Makes you really wonder how much a dog understands, huh.

Becky said...

awwww how cute is that!!

Becky said...

awwww how cute is that!!


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