Tuesday, September 4, 2007

We Sound Out in Disapproval

There are many things in this world that Cosmos does not approve of. Improper programming on his television. The Sky. The Phone. People who pass by without stopping to pet him. A grasshopper farting 3 blocks away. But never - before today - has my Cosmos disapproved of anything being cooked in the kitchen.

"What is that awful substance that can bring forth such anger?" you ask.

Behold the scourge of Air Pop Popcorn!

* * * * * And now for a Public Service Announcement

Hamlin Street Elementary School is located in West Hills, CA. As part of the Los Angeles School District, it suffers from a chronic shortfall of funds. The rooms and playground are old and antiquated, and it shows it's almost-60-years of age. Yet it provides a sound education for many students, including my nephew.

Many of the students that attend at Hamlin are new immigrants to the United States and have to learn English as a Second Language on-the-fly during school hours. Even more of the students are from middle class homes where both parents have to work just to get by.

This is not a school that has a lot of clout within the School District because the parents don't have the ability or time to be politically active. Or to participate in school fund raisers. So it is languishing. Last year, the situation there was bad enough that the administration needed to take money out of the General Education Fund because they did not have enough money in the Custodial Fund to keep the lavatories clean. Yup. That's right. They had to make the tough decision to buy fewer books and supplies so that they could buy soap to wash the bathrooms.

You can help this school, and it won't cost you a cent. If you have a couple of minutes, may I ask that you click on GoodSearch.com, designate Hamlin Street Elementary School as your fund recipient, and just do a search or two on the Internet through it? (If I did the link correctly, Hamlin will probably automatically pop up on your screen.) Every time you do a search, Hamlin's PTA receives a penny.

I know that it doesn't sound like a lot of money, but it only costs a few dollars to keep this school in cleaning supplies. Or to provide cold water to the kids on a brutally hot day. (Like the 113 degree temperatures that we've been enduring for the past 10 days.) Or to buy a box of kleenex or Bandaids for when the kids fall down and scrape themselves on the original baked-to-a-crisp blacktop that they have no choice but to play upon.

GoodSearch.com. We'd all thank you for your help.

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