Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Myra Woods Freeform Beading Class

Last Saturday, I took an amazing "Freeform Beaded Button" class through the Southern California Handweavers Guild. Taught by Myra Woods, by the end of our class, we all ended up with bead-encrusted buttons. Myra is not only an extremely talented bead artist, but she is a wonderful teacher too. Personable, knowledgable, she made my experience fun as well as educational.
We all started out with the same materials. Several packages of beads. A plate. Needle & thread, cloth, embroidery hoop, and pencil.

We drew concentric circles on our cloth, and sketched out guidelines for our embroidery.

Myra taught us the four basic stitches for bead embroidery, and we were off! Once the button face was completed, we cut it out of the cloth...

and inserted it into the button form.

After making the button, and applying Myra's finishing techniques, look at what I ended up with!

I was initially a little surprised that my initial project turned out as well as it did. But I have to admit that I didn't come into this class as a complete beginner. 30 years ago, I was beading my jeans and cut-offs. Most of the work that I did in those days is long gone, but I do still own one pair of shorts...

Yes, they were Daisy Dukes. It was the 70s, and that's what we wore, except in those days, we called them Hot Pants. Myra's class was a joy to take. I would strongly suggest that, if you have a bent for crafts and she is in your area, you should register to take anything she teaches. You will come out with new skills, but also you will gain an appreciation for beads in general and for the artistic process.
In the Los Angeles Area, you can catch Myra's classes at the Stitch Cafe or check her web site for additional opportunities. She also teaches knitting, crochet, and embroidery.

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