Sunday, March 7, 2010

Zipping It Up

Time grows short. I don't know if I mentioned it or not, but I would like to enter this piece in a beading contest that, if I even get honorable mention, would garner me some international attention. I received special dispensation not to have to prove the source of my beads, even though I am sure they came from the proper vendor, but when I asked the question about the beads, I did not realize that the deadline for this venture was 3/9/2010. I presume that if my entry is postmarked for that date, I will qualify.

I am working against a number of factors. Time, of course, not that anything could have changed. I did not get the inspiration to make this piece until about 2 1/2 weeks ago; and it is as detailed as anything I've ever done. Nothing would have changed to make it easier for me to make the deadline in stone.

Health: I have not felt well, and my Fibro makes beading a slower process than normal.

Family Factors: Anne. You've read about that, and believe me, it took up a lot of time. I made this piece because of her, so I don't resent it, but if I had been able to spend more hours per day on it, I would have it done now.

Health: I am working against an imminent hospitalization. Will they ask me to go in before I finish? If they do, then I will go and the contest will be forfeited. But if they hold off for a couple more days, I could conceivably make it.

Here is the front of the piece, finished:

Here is the back. No, I just couldn't leave it blank.

Now for the zipping of the two parts together. This is done by using a size 15 seed bead (it's small!) to merge the size 8 Charlottes together in square stitch.

I wanted two colors predominent in the zipping; purple and green to coordinate with the front of the pouch. The trick is to change colors without it appearing harsh or like a stripe. I used a technique that I learned in a weaving class to merge the colors across a span of space. It works rather effectively.

And here is the open zipper still waiting to be finished up.

Once all of this is done, I still have the cord to make. I'm going to use a Zulu spiral stitch, one that I've seen but not done myself before. But I looked it up on the internet, it doesn't look hard, and it's worth a go-for.

Even after that's all done, there's still the photography, the bane of my existance. The photographs are everything. If I don't get good pictures, and the ones that you see represented here are not, it's over.

Can I get this done and the entry in the mail by 3/9? Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion.


Anonymous said...

you can do it!

Anonymous said...

you can do it!


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