Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Down for the Count? Or Just Counting Down?

Last week it was Cimzia. The side effects were worse than usual. Or were they? I'm not really sure.

The thing is that I went into the Cimzia shot very fatigued. Way more so than normal. And the day after I got the shot was Thanksgiving, which meant that I was required to be social, even as I declined participation in the preparation.

On Saturday, I made an attempt to go to Exercise Class. Mistake. X 10. We had only been up for a few minutes when I became so weak and my heart rate so elevated that I had to go lay down in the back for a while, and then leave. Apparently I looked bad enough to get the attention of some of the students-staff there too, but rather than stop and explain what was going on, I was kind of brusque, my primary need being to get out of there before I went down and paramedics were involved.

I spent the next 24 hours in bed, only getting out to run to the bathroom. Literally. And the 24 hours after that, I spent the better amount of time in bed yet again. By yesterday evening, I was starting to emerge, and today, while my body is weakened, my brain is engaged.

So I'm not exactly sure where to take this. Do I report this to the Cimzia people or my doctor? If I do, do I risk being removed from the program? And if I'm removed, would that be a bad thing or a good? I'm really not sure.

I'm not sure about much of anything these days. I used to be able to tell what was happening with my body, but not so much anymore. My symptoms are evolving, and I don't know what the source of the evolution is.

Is the medication knocking me out? Or am I on a countdown to getting better?


Anonymous said...

hey you.....
I think it may have been your fatigue prior to the shot. You've been getting so much stronger.... I'll call you this weekend

hot tamale said...

Thats to hard a decision to make on your own, I vote for telling both and all involved about what's going on. Please dont just suffer alone, tell somebody,quick!
Just my opinion


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