Saturday, September 20, 2008

Twelve-Hundred Steps

Yesterday was an exceptionally trying and emotional day. I was so sick by early evening that I took my evening pills early and then patiently waited for them to take effect. Fourteen hours later, I was still in bed without the strength or will to get up or do anything.

This afternoon, though, I looked at my dogs and how sad they are. They have not been outside of the condo for months. I thought perhaps, since it was mid afternoon and it wasn't likely that there would be many other dogs out, I'd try to take them outside.

It was hard. My heart raced, my head ached. My joints are quite painful and my left foot is swelling again. But I did it. I took them for the very-short walk through the alleys that I used to take them on just for 'business.' I know from measuring the distance on my pedometer during former walks that it is 1243 steps.

It's hard to believe that a couple of years ago, I was able to walk them for miles daily, and then attend either an exercise class or General Fitness session at Physical Therapy. These days, I can hardly stand long enough to take care of the basic necessities.

But the boys are so happy...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Such strength you've shown for your boys and such love.

I'm proud of you girl!

I love you..

I hope it starts turning for the better

Thinking of you as I sweat with the paint rollers..LOL..


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