Thursday, September 4, 2008

My Days are Blanks

As days are running one into another, at least one member of the household is improving. Sunny's back is sufficiently recovered - thanks to a dose of Rimadyl - for him to sleep on his sofa part time.
Cosmos spends his days mixed between disapproving of things such as the bathtub draining water (that noise is just unacceptable) and sleeping.
Meanwhile, I remain weak and debilitated, but no longer encumbered by a high fever, also bored. I am able to sit up in bed for periods of time now, and when I do, the feeling that I need to be working on something... producing something... is overwhelming.
Knitting is out. Not only do I not have appropriate yarn to work with, but I have gained a bit of weight with this convalescence and I need to figure out whether I am going to lose it again once sufficiently recovered before putting the time and effort into making myself anything. Additionally, I'm not sure I have the mental capacity to follow a pattern right now, and while underneath the surface the creativity is still there, I can't bring it out yet.
So I am making blanks out of #11 Czech seed beads to be embellished later into bracelets. I can write. I can do rote-and-file beading. And I seem to be able to turn out the bases from which bangles will later be finished.
In the meantime, the whole process seems to bore Cosmos.


Anonymous said...

the beading is beautiful...i'm so glad to hear the boys are doing better..hugs to all of you..

debrarae said...


All my prayers are with you. Hang in there.


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