Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Picture Not Taken

Every once in a while, I miss the perfect blogging picture. That happened last night.

Eric & I arrived at the Crowne Plaza Hotel just in time for the event last night, and as we were walking from the car to the main enterance, we noticed both a very shiny, clearly newly painted red curb, and the signs taped down periodically by it.

"Precaution. Wet Paint."

"Precaution?" I asked. Isn't it usually "Caution?"

Well we both giggled a little bit about the unusual wording, but as we got very near the enterance, we noticed it. A giant red work-boot print on the pristine, clean, unpainted cement. I started laughing, Eric started laughing, and the valet guys standing right there also saw what we were laughing at and joined right in.

Clearly, somebody had not been 'precautious' with the paint.

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