Sunday, January 16, 2011

Snippits from Today

We went to the Pasadena Bead and Design Show today.

As usual, there was plenty to see, plenty to buy. I had an agenda of a few items, then mostly looked around and selectively bought things that either 1.) I was running low on, 2.) Was such a good price that I couldn't resist, or 3.) An unexpected find that I couldn't pass up.

Eric and Miles joined me; I was shocked at how very good Miles was! At age 9, he still has ADD and at this show, he was polite and conservative, and easily amused by some of the amazing and unusual beads as well as other items to buy.

I saw the booth that last year invited me to come at teach at their store in Fresno. I didn't do anything about it at the time and have regretted it since. Now that I've taught my first official Public class and it was such a great experience, I'm anxious to repeat it. I will contact them. I also discussed teaching at a couple of other shops that showed today. Everyone was receptive to my work; everyone gave me contact info and said definitely call or e-mail.

But the biggest surprise came at the end of the show! Because I had "lost" Eric and Miles, I decided to wander through the rooms with finished goods while waiting for them to turn up. There, I came across a woman in the far corner that does the most exquisite bead embroidery necklaces imaginable. They're as good as my friend Temmy's work! Well, we talked for a while, got along beautifully, then she noticed what I was wearing.

She was very excited that I also do bead embroidery work that does not compete with what she does, but compliments it. She actually is interested in sharing a booth with me at upcoming shows!

Then she introduced me to a friend in the next booth over. The woman there has a shop of "Wearable Art" up in Cambria and is interested in having me submit my leather jewelry designs to her for consideration! We, too, got along beautifully and she suggested that she was going to have an Artisan Faire in the yard of her shop and all of us could come up for the weekend and show. It sounds like heaven to me!

As we were leaving the show, Eric was amused by all of the different names of the bead shops that are take-offs of other words. Kind of like ArtiZen Beads. But he had his own good idea what I should name a shop should I ever decide to change branding. Beady Amin. Yup. That's right. Beady Amin.

I think not.

Miles wanted to know what was so funny.  We just told him it was an adult joke and left it at that.

Then, on the way back to the car in the parking lot, we saw this bumper sticker:

Hmmmm... makes me want a bumper sticker all of a sudden.

Fast forward home.  I am making Eric & Garrett matching Bead Triangle Pendants

to wear at their request.  They're in different colors than the one I have in my Etsy store (another to be listed soon in a very different color way), but the colors were chosen by Garrett and he did an excellent job.  I'm sure they will both enjoy them.

Miles came skipping into our room and wanted to know what I was making.  Of course, he was very upset that I was making something for Garrett and not for him.  "You've never made me anything!" he lamented.

"Oh yes I have."  I replied.  "What about the Skull necklace, the Football necklace, the Claw necklace?"

"You made them for me?"

"Yes." I replied.

"Oh," Miles said.  "They were so good that I thought you bought them.

Thanks, Miles - lol!

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