Thursday, January 27, 2011

Making an Impression

This morning started with Gabby assaulting Eric for a note saying he saw her report card. He hadn't. As it turns out, she got a "U" in one of her classes. Given her ADD and the fact that we made the decision to no longer medicate her for it (she hates the meds and her academic grades are high despite not having it), we're not surprised at this because she isn't called "Gabby" for nothing. Her teachers love her because she's an honor student; they hate her because she is seemingly incapable of shutting up.

So Eric wrote her the note.

"Dear M$. Monney, (It's pronounced like Monet, but everyone says it "Money" with two n's.)

I have seen my daughter, Gabriella Gregor Splaver's report card. It was very unimpressive.

Thank you,

Eric J. Splaver
Father of the Student"

Gabby didn't look at the note until Eric was herding the gang out the door to drive them to school. As usual, I was in the bathroom.

"DDDDAAAAAAADDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!" I heard Gabby screech from a different room. "I can't turn in a note like this!"

"What's the matter with it?" Eric calmly replied. (I could hear him suppressing laughter.)

"You can't say that my report card was unimpressive!"

"Well, you can press the note on the way to school and it will be nice and flat when you turn it in."

Have I mentioned that I love this man? His sense of humor is amazing.


Eric said...

I have read this blog post. It was very unimpressive.

Claudia said...

LOL! You guys are too funny!


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