Sunday, June 20, 2010

Writer's Block?

Writer's Block? Well, actually, no. Rather, life has been catching up with me in a big way... both good things and bad happening, and blogging has been shuffled to the bottom of my priorities lately.

I have been stressed to the max. Big changes are in store in the near future and change is not something that I handle well. I'm about to start up again on the Marriage Blog that I created last November but had little to talk about then. After all, at that time, Eric was not legally divorced; he is now. Let me think... I think it's been 16 days. My ring is for-real on order; we are starting to look at houses. All the kids know officially now - not that they were really surprised - and it's wonderful not to have to worry about what is being said in front of who. I think that Miles is the most excited or maybe the only one truly happy, although I also don't think anyone is unhappy; maybe just ambivalent. Miles has been discussing the changes in his life when I become his Step mom.

Oy vey, Step mom! I am going to start having to watch movies to know how to be one. "Step mom" would be the obvious first choice, but I'm thinking Cinderella might be a good one too. After all, that was a woman who knew how to make the stepchild clean up - lol!

My health? Well, there's no question but that I feel better, but based on another fainting spell at Slimmons today preceded by chest pains, it's not all that and a bag-of-chips yet. But things are improving. If only I could stop with the damned home IV's! I'm really tired of being stuck every other day.

Lots of work getting done; sadly, not in an organized or profitable manner. I need to start being more diligent about getting client work done rather than getting sidetracked on other projects, but I'm hoping that starting this blog up again will help in that department. If I start taking pics and posting work in progress, it will be incentive for me to follow up, follow through, and finish up. At least I hope. I just have a couple of small project to complete and then back onto a floral piece that I started two weeks ago and dropped a week ago. That kind of disorganization cannot be continued.

Well, it's almost 1 am and I hope to be up and about by 6 or so to facilitate getting to the farmer's market before Maryam arrives to start my IV tomorrow morning. I went for the first time in almost a year last Sunday and suddenly remembered why I liked going there so much. Single word... tomatoes. Oh my, but it's wonderful to taste a tomato that actually TASTES like a tomato.

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Janet said...

Sounds like things are looking up overall. Yay!

If you like tomatoes, check out Tapia Bros at Burbank and Hayvenhurst. Their tomatoes are usually available starting around Father's Day.



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