Monday, June 21, 2010

Passing my test, Making the grade...

And the results of today's colonoscopy are:

"Notable Improvement." It's interesting to my doctors that the improvement came deep within my GI tract; the closer you get to the end of my system, the less improvement there is (hence the obstructed symptoms, escalating in the last week). Yes, I got another set of pictures as a 'lovely parting gift.' I was thinking about posting the ones from 10 weeks ago and the ones from six weeks ago along with today's on my blog, but Eric suggested that it wasn't such a good idea. He's probably right; kill joy!

On the other hand, Risa & I were contemplating that I could make some kind of collage or maybe a flip-book animation out of them and then apply for a grant from the Endowment for the Arts. Yes, I am still stoned. I think they may have been a bit of a heavy handed with the anesthesia.

Tomorrow will be my next infusion as well as a battery of other medical tests required for "Week 6." We wanted to get some of them out of the way today before the Colonoscopy, but the procedure center was running early and the consensus was to get the Colonoscopy done earlier and do everything else tomorrow in one fell swoop.

I have an extensive survey on my condition to fill out tonight, and before leaving in the morning, I have to provide lots of - ahem - samples. "If I could put time in a bottle, the first thing that I'd like to doo..."

Very tired, very stoned, very depressed (about lots of things, not just the next round of procedures), but at least I get to eat and drink in the morning before leaving for the festivities, unlike today. That's something. And everyone seemed to like the 'new hair' that I got last weekend. A LOT.

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