Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lucy, you have a lot of 'splaining to do!

Well, it will be a week since Lucy moved into my home and into my heart. She is an amazing girl, and quite talented. This evening, I shut the master bathroom door on her because it was late enough that I felt her anger voiced loudly at that dog in the mirror might impact what my neighbors were saying about me. She was facing the bathroom door as it was shut, then she levitated (yes levitated, and if you don't believe me oh doubters, remember that you didn't believe me about Cosmos watching TV for a long time either), rotated 180 degrees in mid air, moved forward mid-air from that levitated position by about three feet, and gracefully landed on our bed. I know young dogs can do a lot of things, but levitating and defying gravity in that manner was something that I didn't expect.

I was also in the studio working on the neck piece for Eric for his Man-Group Tribal Weekend coming up, and heard a loud crack come from the bedroom. I was on the phone with Beth and even commented on it. I looked in, didn't find anything amiss, and figured that whatever it was that she had gotten, it couldn't be important. Well, I was wrong.

She got three things. A Rubbermaid Plastic Food Container that she must have removed from the kitchen counter and carried into the bedroom before decimating it. The cord to my i Pod Touch and she was starting in on my Sony Cyber Shot Cord too when I caught her. The i Pod cord is way past dead. And finally, remember the hunt on Freecycle to find a new remote control for my old Sony Trinitron TV in the bedroom? The one that I desperately wanted to replace because I'd do pretty-much anything not to have to enter the new millennium when it comes to TVs? Well, it's history.

Eric asked me "Are you sure it can't be repaired?" when I told him about it on the phone. Oh trust me Eric, this is a job that cannot be reversed.

I have a puppy on my hands! I thought I was adopting a 2 year old girl (not that I'd do anything different and I'd grab her up again in a second), but when our vet and I discussed her age, Dr. Kashimoto got completely hysterical because the pound said 2. She said she's not even a year old. Oh yes, I have a puppy! And puppies do all sorts of bad things including chewing! As soon as I get done writing this, I'm going to post on Freecycle for a new remote control AND lots of doggie toys. She's too young to expect that she's not going to bite into things.

On the other hand, I took both dogs to Balboa Lake today. Sunny, now getting 1/2 a Rimadyl 2 x per day, did amazingly well. We only had to rest once, and frankly, I think it may have been the glare of the water in his eyes rather than him getting tired. It's 1.3 miles around the lake, by the way.

Lucy, upon arrival, was stunned. Coming from South Central LA, I'd put my money on her having no idea that places like that existed. There are all sorts of water fowl there from the standard ducks and geese through sea birds like gulls and such, all the way up to herons. You could tell that something deep inside of her was stirring. As a Labrador Retriever, she knew that she was supposed to be doing something about those birds, but she wasn't quite sure quite what it was. It took about 2/3 around the lake before she got the idea. And yes, I indulged her a little bit. Right now, the goal is to socialize her and make her understand that life is fun and she doesn't have to be afraid anymore. If chasing geese and ducks into the water gives her a thrill, I'll let her do it for the time being. Later there will be Obedience School, and for the first time ever, I have a dog that may actually end up not in the bottom of the class - lol! (Cosmos was 3rd in a class of 4, Sunny was expelled on his first night for being vicious.)

Lucy's ears are really big, by the way. And they were perked up to their highest point as she was finally recognizing what the birds were for. A lady was walking a smallish dog in the other direction (oh, but it's so much easier to walk Sunny now that he can't see well enough to know that there are other dogs in the vicinity), and remarked that Lucy looked like Sister Batrille in The Flying Nun. She was right too. But Lucy is still her name.

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