Saturday, March 14, 2009

Yes, We have no bananas...

I mentioned on Thursday that Eric was to come over on Friday night. He did, and we went on a quest to replace my refrigerator with something that actually fit into the slot for which it was intended.

I've always had good luck buying major appliances from Sears. We went to their Northridge location to make the buy. In addition to the 'fridge, I was also going to buy a dishwasher. An easy sale for anybody there who would like to close a deal. After all, as I reminded Eric before we went there, I really don't like to shop.

Upon arrival, we head down the escalator to where I 'knew' the appliances were kept. Eric practiced his hard-line negotiating face for me.

My man. I think I'll keep him. He can drive a very hard deal!

But when we arrived in the basement, there were no appliances! Just hardware. It seemed that the appliances had been moved out of the basement up to the third floor...

which was not as much of an issue as I thought, because Eric's hard-line negotiating face (read laugher between the pictures) became much more practiced with each level we ascended.

At last. Bonanza! The appliances, and the site of my major purchase.

I was happy to find many refrigerators that would fit my bill, and some of them were even in my price range. Most of the department was on sale. (Later, Eric read an article saying that the world refrigerator market is down as a result of the economy, so it shouldn't have been a surprise.)

Even better, all of the appliances boasted "Next Day Delivery." That was great because I really wanted everything in place before the "Fab 4" reunite next week. What a change for the gals if my condo was actually repaired and fully functioning. They've never seen it that way!

We met "Don," our salesman for the evening, who quickly sized up my requirements - basic white refrigerator, ice maker (I've never owned a refrigerator with an ice maker...), no other bells or whistles. He showed us to this model, which as far as I was concerned, was perfect. "I'll take it!" No muss, no fuss, no messing around.

But when we went to make the buy, there weren't any in stock. No matter what, they could not deliver before March 26. The day after the girls arrive. I looked at my calendar in front of Don. Showed him my schedule, and told him there was no way I was having company in from all over the country and making them wait through a four hour window for an appliance delivery. "That's a deal breaker," I said.

He responded by showing me this refrigerator. $40 more, smooth finish instead of varigated ("Higher end" he said), and I liked it too. "That one's fine. I'll take it."

But when we went to the computer, that one wasn't in stock either! Apparently, there is a refrigerator shortage at Sear's warehouses. "Manufacturing issue," Don muttered, clearly upset that he was about to lose a commission. He showed me a slightly lower-line refrigerator, but I didn't like it. The shelves were not only not spill-proof, but not adjustable. There was nothing he could do.

So, to cheer me up, Eric played with the cardboard food displays that one of the refrigerators held. Pizza. Just like his house, he assured me, except at his home, all the pizza would be cheese.

And as we tried to leave the store, we found out that not only did we not get the appliances, but they had closed down and locked up too. Check out Sear's Northridge security system!

A piece of wood in the door.

So what am I going to do? I've already talked about it with Beth. I'm going to go back to Sears in a couple of days, as Don suggested, and see if they might have gotten their refrigerators back in stock early. If not, I'm going to go ahead and order one - and the dishwasher too - to be delivered the day after the gals go back home.

It will soften the blow of their departure.


Beth said...

Rifrigerator or no refrigerator - look out - HERE I COME!!!!!


Hugs and love - Beth

Claudia said...

Who cares about a new refrigerator. We'll just eat the food before it becomes necessary to refrigerate it.LOL I can't wait!!!!!!!!!

Love ya,

Adele said...

I've actually heard that Lowe's has the best deals on refrigerators. You could also check Best Buy. If you get a Sears refrigerator and need service, you'll have to wait forever. Remember the last time you called Sears? Good luck!


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