Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Psychology Today

Neurosis, Psychosis, Bipolar, Depressed
How do us crazies get up and get dressed?
With meanings complex and issues refined
How do we get psychological terms defined?

Anxiety, Hysteric, Compulsive, Diseased
And into our minds they plant fertile seeds
That our viewpoints are warped and our reactions extreme
Of our therapy appointments that would be the theme.

Zoloft or Prozac, Xanax, Effixor
Which one will solve all of my problems and quicker?
Especially the ones not born in my head
But are of medications of which have been said

To cause such fatigue and such stress to extreme
That they've caused me to think and therefore do deem
That a poem will help break the cycle of doom
And give me the energy to get out of my room.


Anonymous said...

Oh sweety, even in your moments where you say you can't say anything you say so much..I love ya and have been thinking of ya..


Robin said...

Did you write this amazing poem????? I want to show it to everyone I know, including my husband, who is struggling with Effixor and getting worse than before he ever took the first one.

Laura said...

Hi Robin:

I replied to you through your web site, but am also replying on my blog. I occasionally write poetry to either amuse myself (and my friends) or to discharge anger of some sort. Yes, I wrote this piece on a day when I was very frustrated with all of my doctors.

Please feel free to share it wherever and whenever you think it might help somebody or it might make somebody laugh. That's why I put my thoughts to words.

Robin said...

Thanks, Laura... I just coppied, pasted and saved your poem. I'm emailing the link to your post to a couple of good friends who will appreciate your poem.


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