Thursday, June 19, 2008


Sometimes subjects to write about come flowing out of me. Other times, I have nothing to say. For the past week, I've lived the latter scenario.

I can't say that the week has been bad. In fact, I'm on a reduced schedule for Cimzia now, and I think it's helping me. I've put a lot of focus on my food program and keeping food journals, and have started to identify those areas in which I've become temporarily weak and am shoring them up. Even though the medications seem to deaden my ability to create, I've forced myself to spin some wool and have gotten another 8 ounces spun and will ply it today. So all in all, I'm doing pretty well.

I just hope that you keep visiting. I promise to get back to my old writing form soon.


Claudia said...

Nothing could keep me away. :)

hot tamale said...

(holding two fingers up like Boy Scout) I promise to keep checking. I always do, that goes for Beth and Vennie and Claudia.
love you guys

hot tamale said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I check here 3 or more times a day..and I will keep checking

Mrs. G. said...

We all have down time-it's just the way life works. Go to the library and get some Haven Kimmel or David Sedaris essays-they always recharge my batteries.


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