Monday, June 9, 2008

Gone Fishin'

Saturday, as I was off doing my own things, Eric decided to take Garrett, Gabby, & Miles fishing at Trout Dale in Agoura Hills. Now mind you, they weren't exactly roughing it. The Ol' Fishing Hole is actually a concrete basin fully stocked with trout for the amateur fisherman to catch. You go there, pay your entrance fee, and hope for the best.

Total # of Splaver Fisherman - 4
Total # of fish caught - 1

That fish was caught by Gabby and it was a 14" one. That's important because besides paying an entrance fee into Troutdale, you also have to pay for the fish you catch based on size.

Now mind you, the fact that they only caught one fish between them is not so much of a problem because between all of the fishermen (and women), the only one that likes to eat fish is Eric. One fish caught for one man to eat. It works. Until you total out the tab.

Entrance into Troutdale for four - includes bamboo poles and corn bait - $7 per person; $28.
Can of worms (works better than corn bait according to the reviews) - $5
One caught 14" fish - $10
Cleaning of the 14" fish - $1 (best deal of the day.)

The total dollar expenditure for Eric's trout dinner was $43. Without any of the extras like vegetables or dessert.

I think I'd rather go to Crustacean.


Vennie said...

Ah, but the parent-child bonding, as they say in the commercial, "priceless"!

Anonymous said...

I was gonna say the experience and time spent with said kids was Priceless..But I can see Vennie and I were on the same wave length this morning!!

Mrs. G. said...

I hope that fish was good! I'm sure the memories were worth more than $43.


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