Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Tale of Three Doctors

Having grown up as a doctors Daughter, have a healthy respect -ahem, or lack thereof - for doctors.  They are often taken aback by my participation in the treatment plans as well as my willingness to discuss their personal lives and to tease them.  I consider them only my equal; not somebodies exempt from my personal style or views on life. Eric and I especially enjoy teasing Dr. M- .  You see he has three daughters and we are happy to let him know what the future is going to be like for him. We talk about how expensive it will be for him to maintain three horses and a full horse show schedule. And about girls and their needs to each have their own bathroom. Our predictions are quite unsettling for him, especially because he can recognize the truth when he hears it and knows that we speak from experience that he does not yet have.

Yes, Eric enjoys teasing doctors too!  How lucky am I? And now, on to the stories.  

Number 1

Man of a certain age have to visit the urologist more frequently than younger men,
and Eric's at that age.  He recently got a new doctor who of course put him in all the usual man positions, and examined him while talking about shopping in Beverly Hills. Then, his dialogue changed as he got down to business. 

"Are you interested in sex? " He asked. Of course this was just a normal urological question, but he repeated it over and over again. How is your sex drive?  Do you like having sex? Are you interested in sex?  

Finally,  Eric couldn't take it anymore.   Bent over and in the position,  he heard the doctor again ask "are you interested in sex?"  Eric stood up abruptly, turned around to face the doctor, and loudly proclaimed, "Not with YOU!"

Number 2

Again Eric and this time and the dermatologist office.  He had just had a growth taken off of his nose. The doctor assured him that it was not cancerous and everything was going to be fine. And then he made his fatal comment.  He said "You are not going to die."  

Startled, Eric had only one response. "Ever?"

Number 3

I have been treated by Dr. Rodney Bluestone for a very long time.  He is world famous for his work genetics and I'm very lucky to see him. I find him intensely funny, especially when he does not intend to be funny.  You see he is very sure of himself in a way that only somebody who has made a massive change in the world of medicine could be. He dresses eccentrically and in my opinion delightfully. I can't wait to see what kind of tie or socks or jewelry he's wearing on any particular visit!  I know he enjoys me commenting on his clothing and he displays it proudly for me.  Like a proud peacock!  Again I enjoy seeing him immensely.  

Today I had wonderful news for him. Not only was I doing well, but a piece of jewelry on which I had worked on in his office had taken a silver medal in an international beading competition and was on the back cover of a magazine!  I brought both the necklace and the magazine to show him. He was impressed and even more impressed that I would've  ever imagined him capable of being. And then I dropped the bombshell on him. 

How it happened is for another story, but I have named two of my jewelry lines after two of my other doctors. I wanted to know if it was ok with him if I named a line after him!  After all he had saved my life too, and more than one occasion. He looked really proud as he gave me permission. 

Of course we were going to have to figure out what to call the line and what the product was going to be. I suggested that it could be something with Bluestone in it and could be related to my work in the color blue. But then at the very moment, inspiration took hold of me. "Of course, limiting you to work in just one color or style doesn't really capture who you are." I went on. And it came out of my mouth before I even had a chance to think about it. 

"I'd like to call your line 'Rocking Rodney' and have it be my really edgy, cutting edge, and flamboyant stuff... The kind of work you'd see on the red carpet!"  I then held my breath (fortunately for only about half a second) as I waited for his response. He burst into laughter and quickly spun away from me so I couldn't see him blush!  Almost as quickly, he cleared his complexion and spun back, still laughing.  HE LOVED IT!  In fact, he called his daughter who works for him,over to hear the idea immediately,and then spread the news all over the office. 

All of his employees loved the fact that I had pitched this idea, too. And not only because Dr. Bluestone was delighted by it. Many of them told me they had never seen a patient "get" him like that before.  They confided to me that none of them would have the nerve. And here, I was only doing what I do naturally. 

I already have ideas about what Jewelry will be in his name. I can't wait to put it out there. 

But I think the best moment was when his daughter,Kate, came to me and told me a secret...that she teases him like that all the time.  In fact, it turns out that she has a special name for him. 

She calls her father "Hot Rod". 

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