Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Good Morning, I"m Back...

At least in a minimal way.  Things have been ultra-crazy since joining forces with Eric & his family; our new home, while absolutely fabulous, has a lot of issues to be addressed aside from - ahem - a somewhat shady past.

Some of the kids are more cooperative than others; none of them really know how to help appropriately.  We're working on that.

There is going to be a lot to tell both here and on my Marriage Blog over the next few weeks; hopefully I'll have the time to start writing again.  But just for today, I'm going to start back up with a commitment to one of my artist's community and tell you about a shop of fine alpaca fiber crafts.



This weeks Featured Artisan is MoonSong Ranch! Beautiful Creations by a very talented Artisan!

Moonsong Ranch Handmade Alpaca Fashion products include felt nuno scarves, western style hats, purses, cases, knitted scarves and many other unique gift items




You can Find MoonSong Ranch at:


I hope that you enjoy looking at this shop and I'll make every attempt to put something up tomorrow more personal.

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