Monday, August 30, 2010

Amazing, but true!

Well, those of you who know me know that I've been struggling with my weight for the past year or so.  I've been really diligent about what I eat since moving in with Eric.  In addition, despite not exercising at Slimmons, I've had a lot of physical activity just unpacking boxes.  My weight has gone down 6 pounds, but deep inside I thought that it just wasn't good enough.  Not given my calorie intake and my daily exercise.

I saw Dr. Bluestone last week about the swelling in my legs, intense fibromyalgia pain, and the fact that we could not move forward with my experimental infusion until all of this was under control.  It turns out, unbeknownst to me, that Advil is not just bad for my GI issues (which had grown intensely worse since the pain began because I was popping it many times a day despite the fact that I knew it was bad for me), but also it causes water retention.  Hence the amazing swelling of my legs and arms to a lesser degree.  Dehydrated and water retention all at the same time!  With the change in medication, my legs have been slowly going down,and despite a large home infusion of fluids, my weight has remained steady for the past several days.

But today was the absolute kicker.  During our appointment, Dr. Bluestone drew blood.  The results came back Friday and we played phone-tag all afternoon.  We finally spoke this morning.  And the diagnosis?  Every overweight person's dream.  I have a SLOW THYROID!

OMG!  Not only does that explain a lot, but it also gives me yet another pill, taken legitimately, that may help me get these pounds back off again!  Who wouldn't be happy about this development?  I'm dancing with glee at the moment.


Miss Val's Creations said...

Great discovery by the doctor! I hope this new medication helps you lose the weight you are trying to lose.

Anonymous said...

I tried calling you via skype yesterday a couple of times. I love you..And so happy you have a couple of issues that may resolve.
Keep fighting!!


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