Saturday, April 24, 2010

I Need Your Help!

Despite the illness, or maybe because of it, I have spent  lot of time thinking about the jewelry I offer for sale, especially my motivational line.  I realized that while the value of what I have had up in my "I'm Making It" store has been excellent, there is still always room for improvement, and so I thought about how I was constructing the chains for the cube beads, and came up with a 'new and improved' version that I think you all will really enjoy.

Rather than hand-knotted chains, they are now interwoven strands of beads using the same tough and durable nymo cord, but the look is more round and more in sync with the size of the cubes, and even more important than that, I am able to blend colors of beads into new and unique combination's which can be recreated for my clients to pair up with the motivational phrases or words that they would like.  I am going to create a Flickr file to which they can refer when they are either choosing to order the jewelry as pictured in my shop, or when they are special ordering pieces.  This file will simply be pictures of different color blends of seed beads, named, which they can choose from.

The problem?  I am absolutely awful at naming my work as it is!  There is a lot of jewelry hanging around here that is completed and even photographed, but not listed for sale only because I have no idea what to call it.  Sad, huh?

So I'm wondering if I can ask your advice?  I am going to now post a bunch of the chain blends that I have come up with, some of which I have tentative names for, and some of which I don't have a clue what to call, and number them.  If you see any that you can come up with a name for, would you please post the number and your suggested name in the comments section of this blog post?  Even if I indicate that I have a name, if you have something that you think will work equally well or even better, let me know.

It is a terrible thing to be frozen in spot because I am not creative enough in this arena.

Thank you THIS MUCH for your help!


1.  Cranberry?
2. n/a
 3. Forest at Twilight?
 4. Golden Pink?
5.  n/a

6.  Curry Spice?
7.  Pacific Blue?
8.  n/a

9.  Watermelon?
10.  Mixed Berries?
11.  Blackberry Jam?
12.  n/a
13.  Ballerina Pink?
14.  Peacock's Tail

15.  n/a


Pickyknitter said...

#15 - Lisa's pet. I don't know what it is, but I want it!

Carol said...

I'm not very good at this either, but here are a few ideas.

2. Moody Blues. Lapis. African Violet.

4. Peaches 'n' Cream. Baby Face.

5. Raspberry Sorbet. Cherry Kisses. Rose Garden. Wild Cherry.

6. Firebird. Calypso.

7. Moody Blues. (yeah, I know, here it is again). Wisteria. Indigo. Cobalt.

8. Ice Queen.

12. Dove. Dusk.

13. Sweetheart.

15. Monet. Dreaming of Spring. Nile. Lichen.

Amy said...

My initial impressions. By the way, these are gorgeous. xx - Amy

1. Ripe Pomegranate
2. Amethyst Sky
4. Afterglow
5. Pink Fusion
6. Pink Saffron
8. Dove
9. Watermelon Ice
10. Fresh berries
12. Deco Rainbow
13. Icy Pink
15. Fresh Spearmint or Pistachio

Janet said...

Here're my comments:

1. Cranberry - great
2. Carnival - reminds me of carnival glass
4. Seashell
5. Carnival II
7. Cerulean
8. What would you call the California sky just after dawn?
11. Love Blackberry Jam!
13. Catherine -- for my mom, who loves all things pink.
15. Spring River -- it's the color of the river that runs north of Mammoth in the spring runoff.

LI Laura said...

Not to good at this, either, but I wanted to play, too! :-)

1. Pomegranate seed
2. Caribbean Sea
3. Camouflage
4. Apricot shimmer
5. Power Pink
8. Summer Sunrise
15.Ocean Mist/ Irish Mist.

Claudia said...

5. should be Strawberry Shortcake. That way we can have the dessert without the calories. :)

Inkling said...

2. azure seas, 4. sparkling sands, 12. heron in flight.....I picked these names because when I saw your jewelry, they reminded me of favorite places and things I see back home in
BC. I'm at my folks in the midwest recovering from surgery, and seeing your jewelry brought the same peace and sense of beauty I feel when I'm walking on the beach in BC or when I'm watching the blue herons fly overhead. Truthfully, so many of your projects made me think of being outdoors and around God's creation, but those three were the specific names that popped into my head right away.

p.s. I come here from Ang's blog, just so you know I"m not a complete stranger. =)


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