Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ready, Set, Snow!

My bags are somewhat packed, the food is made (I cooked a lot yesterday to be sure there were things that I could eat without reservation on this trip), Sunny looks horrified to see my suitcase as he has never gone on vacation with me before; Lucy has clearly been told the implications of the suitcase by Sunny, but she is a baby and doesn't really comprehend, and she's going to think Sunny is really stupid when they both are loaded in the car.

Yes, we are headed up to the snow later this morning.

I told Eric where we are getting lunch on the road today (a little authentic Italian Deli that I can get a nice turkey sandwich at... think Subway except really good), we are having a vegetable based pasta for dinner with salad, a garlic loaf (not garlic bread, but a artisan loaf with cloves of garlic baked in), and we will finally eat my birthday cake almost a month late. Adele is bringing popcorn for snacks later tonight; we've also provided the elements for the kids to make s'mores in the fireplace later on.

Breakfast - the kids will be getting chocolate chip pancakes that Eric is providing, but I am bringing oatmeal w/ blackberies & raw sugar along for me and at least Steve (Adele's husband) and whoever else wants real food in the morning.

The only suspect meal will be tomorrow's lunch which might be anywhere and anyplace. I'll deal.

My lungs are on fire and I feel awful; my doctors are fully against this trip and I'm especially worried about what the altitude is going to do with my breathing, but I don't have the heart to tell the kids that they don't get to go, and if I back out, then I fear the trip will be off. So I will just deal and see what the day brings me. They have a local hospital up there too if I think I need oxygen or another IV infusion.

I will be missing Slimmons, but what am I really missing? I probably wouldn't go anyway if I was staying home, and if I did, my exercise would be half-assed and I very well might have a problem and might be ridiculed, so no loss. Assuming I have a little stamina this afternoon, I'll walk in the snow for a while.

So Sunny will be going on vacation for the very first time in his many many years, and Lucy is going from a dog on death row to a dog in the snow.

Wish me luck.

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