Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Prolific Production

Even as my brain has been misfiring, I've been productive as far as making jewelry. That's been part of the quandary. Convincing everyone that I had lost focus when I can still produce. But making jewelry to me is like breathing. It is what I am.

Here is part of what I have made in the past few weeks:

This is a wire-wrap pendant of gold fill wire, adorned with Swarovski Crystals. The porcelain is actually a rare Satsuma Button from Japan. I bought a number of these buttons at a garage sale many years ago because they were pretty. I had no idea that they were rare and valuable and retailed for around $65 each.

This is a gold fill wire wrapped button, about 2" in diameter. This button is antique, manufactured around 1880 in France, and is even signed on the back! I learned at the Button Store where I bought it not to cut the shank off of the button when making jewelry out of it. It decreases the value of the piece.

This is my very first sterling silver wire-wrap pendant made in class of Abalone with various semi-precious stones and glass beads. Although I really like the pendant, I'm not sure I'm that crazy about the chain with it, and may change it out for something a little lighter.

This is sterling silver wire-wrapped striped agate with semi precious stones on both the pendant and wrapped into the sterling chain. Eric says it's his favorite piece made by me so far.

Faces. Wire wrapped using both sterling silver and gold fill with semi-precious stone adornments. The faces are polymer clay made by a famous artist who's name escapes me right now, but I will update this blog with credit to her when I remember it.
Leather Cuff with a Fused Glass Bead Bezel Cabochon. All of my cuffs are fully lined with lambskin.

Another Bead Embroidery Leather Cuff with extraordinary cut seed beads and European Glass Buttons used as accents.

This cuff features coin pearls and amethyst, and you are able to see the lining. I always use dark leather to line my cuffs because it does not show dirt and oils. Additionally, I have learned to use the smooth side of the leather instead of the suede for the same reason.

I particularly like this piece. It's very feminine, yet avaunt guard.

Deco Modern.

This is an unusual turn for me to take in jewelry. The accent bead is porcelain. The chain woven in a spiral stitch and made of fresh water pearls, Delica beads, and gold lined seed beads.

A line-up of some of my leather cuffs. You've seen most of these already, but I just liked how this picture came out. My newest camera - only a week old - takes some pretty sharp pictures.

Bohemian Cuff.

Copper Foil Leather.

Eric was very surprised to see these sterling silver earrings, as they are a bit more traditional work than I usually do. But I kind of like them as the colors of the stones I chose are different.

Semi Precious Stones, Bali Silver Beads, Swarovski Crystals, and Sterling Wire (wrap) along with my own twisted sterling silver ear hooks make these long earrings a dramatic departure from what I have worked in the past.

I am working out prices on all of these pieces now. If you are interested in any of them, please contact me and we can discuss the particulars.

And finally, a view of my 'new and improved' and definitely cleaned up patio garden. From the chaotic look I love, to clean and neat and spacious. I think I like this look even better. It's certainly more functional. And you should know that every potted plant, large and small, is an herb which I am using daily in my cooking.

No and apology. Sorry. Especially to to the Fabbies. You're still going to have to wait for a picture of my not-so-new-anymore hair. I still haven't taken a good picture of it.


hot tamale said...

I LOVE the Faces piece(s)
so cute and unusual

LI Laura said...

I love the faces, too! I will e-mail you when I can get on my computer at home.


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