Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Question of Paperwork

Today was my second visit to Physical Therapy and, as it inevidably happens where ever I go, I ended up in the bathroom. It was a comforting experience for me as, the rest of their facilitly has been redecorated and upgraded since the last time I was a patient, but the "other facility" looked exactly the same.

I remember discussing the bathroom with Rocky a number of years ago. I called it a 'five star room.' He was shocked, telling me that his wife did not like it because it wasn't decorated. I responded with the truth. I have IBD. When I really have to go, I couldn't care less about appearances. I just want my bathroom clean and neat and well stocked. Period. Even though JMP's is for co-ed use, it fits my requirements.

There is one thing in there that has intrigued me from the very beginning, though. And that would be the toilet paper.

JMP sports two TP racks side by side. It's a very good idea. Even when one is running low, the other one is there for the consumer's use. It's the rare day that both run out at the same time so, whoever is in charge of maintaining them has plenty of time to restock. But today, years after my last visit, the situation was still the same. Two rolls side by side. One with the paper over the top, and the other one with it coming from underneath.

What does this mean? I once did a survey at work and without fail, all the women liked their paper over the top. All of the men who would answer liked it reversed. Was my limited sample representative of the general population and therefore does JMP look out for our every need? I have to admit that the last time I was a regular visitor, the 'over the top' roll was usually smaller than the 'under the bottom.' That would make sense if women liked top down better.

Is having the rolls go in opposite directions some kind of joke by the staff? Or maybe it's just a question of symetry. One up and one down. Could there be some other symbolism at work here that has gone over my head?

And what of my survey in the first place? Was it accurate, or was the gender preference just a fluke? Inquiring minds - or at least mine - want to know.

So, dear reader, if you're so inclined, I'd love to know what you think about this. Help me resolve my quandry. Do you like your TP over the top? Or from the bottom? And if you want to elaborate on why, that would be interesting too. Not necessary, but interesting.


hot tamale said...

I like my toilet paper like my friends,food & fun OVER the top!! LOL

love ya

Claudia said...

I am like you. I don't care what it is as long as it is there. Rigby on the other hand likes it from the bottom. It's easier to grab it with his teeth and when he runs into the living room it stays attached to the roll. Yeah, he's a very particular dog. LOL

Doll Creelman-Migliaccio said...

Perhaps odd, but I like it from the bottom, rolling underneath. With the kids growing up I found they didn't waste as much that way. Who knows. Maybe it was just me. lol

Beth said...

Toilet paper is toilet paper. I could care less if it's top or bottom as long as it's at the ready when I need it.LOL

LI Laura said...

I don't care as long as it's there, but the cats like it much better over the top. It unspools much more dramatically that way. :-)

Vennie said...

Ditto Becky's comment--everything over the top!

Funny, I just ordered a case of a peculiar brand of toilet paper. When it arrives I will blog about it, but some of you have already seen the link to sh-tbegone toilet paper. If not, google it. It's funny as hell but also sounds very practical and environmentally sound. In addition, I confess to having been a "wadder"--and now I have become a "folder"--and it does work better.

Hmmmmmm. Do some of us need to get a life????



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