Monday, March 24, 2008

Potpourri of Topics

Last Saturday, I bit the bullet and decided to go to my Spinning Guild (Greater Los Angeles Spinning Guild - GLASG) instead of exercise class. This decision was made, based upon three facts:

1.) I missed them and had received a few e-mails from people who missed me.
2.) The lecture-of-the-day was Chris Acosta about Angora Bunnies. Perfect for the day before Easter.
3.) And I did not feel well enough to exercise.

I've addressed the topic of GLASG before in my Blog. The social structure there has changed and somehow I felt left behind. I wasn't sure if the issue was them or me, but I was fearful of confrontation. There were two current members of which I was especially concerned.

Although I was uncomfortable in my attendance yesterday, I'm glad that I went. One of the people of concern seemed genuinely happy to see me. I had been advised that her personal circumstances were coloring her reactions to everything and that I shouldn't take it personally. Whew!

The other? She was there and was as cold as ever; like a stone. I'm not sure what - exactly - that I did to offend her, but she has made a point of giving me a horrible stare and not speaking to me for well over a year now. Her feelings could not be at all misinterpreted... at the end of the meeting when yet another member and I were in the kitchen (I was just passing through to the bathroom although I stopped to chat), she looked at the other gal and asked her if she would like to take the leftover bagels home. When turned down, she gave me a stare full of hostility, then picked the bag up and threw them out.

And you know what? That moment was liberating. I'm glad that it happened. I can place her where she belongs in the order of things and move on. I think I may go back again for next month's meeting.

My camera has finally been acknowledged as "received" by the Fuji repair center and they tell me that it will be fixed within 10 working days. I only hope that it is returned before all the blossoms on my lemon tree have bloomed and fallen off. I only wish you could smell the fragranece.

If each of the flowers turns into fruit, I am going to have a bumper crop next year. All from a tree that I purchased from OSH two-and-a-half years ago because I felt sorry for it. They weren't watering it and it had been reduced to a stalk with two withered leaves that were about to fall off.

Much like my rescue animals, it took a year before it acknowledged me with a single lemon of thanks. Then another year went by and the year's crop was three. And who knows what I will harvest next year?

As I continue to decline healthwise, I am starting to wonder how bad it's going to be this time. It feels a little different than flares past, but there's no getting around the fatigue and lethargy. I hope I don't lose my readership entirely because of sporatic posting.

I am continuing to struggle with slow weight gain. Richard, in his chat yesterday, talked about somebody at Slimmons (I honestly don't have a clue who) who he counseled a few weeks ago to make a list of all of her "hot" foods. She was to post the written list and avoid them.

I thought about it. Not a bad idea. And so I developed my own list of things to be avoided. Surprisingly, it is short and theme related. Dried fruit is an issue. Breads & crackers are an issue. And the Protein Bars from HMR and other sources. Other than that, I really don't have a problem. That's probably why the weight gain has been as slow as it has.

So I have printed out the list and attached it to the front of my refrigerator. Perhaps the constant reminder will help me not bring those items into my home. But it's already helped me in a small way. For the first time in weeks, I've started a food sheet.


janet said...

I, for one, was very glad to see you at the meeting. I pray that your recent flare doesn't prevent you from coming to guild in the future.

Anonymous said...

i have missed you and thought of you daily, hoping that you will be starting down the road of mend and recovery. You're in my thoughts, and I love you.


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