Friday, November 18, 2011

Arte De Mexico

I first learned of - and visited - Arte De Mexico some 20 years ago.  I was amazed at this home decor location, a favorite of home decorators and designers from around the world, and quickly brought my parents back to see it.  As a threesome, we frequented it often, and Dad occasionally made small purchases.  His home was already museum quality, and there wasn't room for much more in the way of art, furniture, or other objects, but he was so mesmarized by this place that he couldn't stay away.  Neither could I.

I never dreamed that I would someday own some of their amazing work.  But the dream that never came has happened.  Eric & I have finally bought new bedroom furniture, and from Arte International (the new name for Arte De Mexico as they bring things in from all over the world now, not just Mexico)... my old haunting grounds. 

We've spent a good number of hours in the past week, going up and down their aisles and seeing everything they have to offer.  The inventory itself has changed, but not the style or the high standards.  I love this place so much that I have to share it with you.  Enjoy the pictorial tour! (My apology for the sideways pictures... something is going wrong with the interface between my computer and blogspot again, but I knew you wouldn't want to miss anything, so please bear with it.)

I'll share more pictures with you later.  

And as for our bedroom furniture?  That's another post for another day, for some of it was in stock at the store, some of it is coming from the east coast, and the bed itself?  Well, we bought a transom window which is going to be built into a custom bed for us, unlike anything we've ever even conceived of let alone seen!  

We'll be back soon!

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