Wednesday, March 2, 2011


As the world turns, my issue isn't so great.  I have a deadline.  It's less than a week away.

I have a set of colors.  I though I wasn't going to make the deadline because of a shortage in a particular set of 24 kt gold beads.  But my 100 gram refill arrived today, just as I was running out of the old batch.

Instead, I am at risk not only because of my constantly busy schedule, but also because it's hard to match colors at night.  Even with an Ott light, what I am seeing visually is not the same as during the day.  Forget what the package says.  The colors are different.

Now, I started choosing out yet another set of colors for the next part of my super-secret project this afternoon.  I'm going to go look at them again, and hope that what I remembered in the light of day translates to the darkest of evenings.  I will make up the part again in the new colors, and see what it looks like tomorrow morning.

Fortunately, this particular project is made in pieces which will be linked together.  If the next set of two don't work by the light of day either, at least I'll have yet another set of earrings.

Yes, there is always a silver lining. Not that any of the beads I've used thus far are lined in silver...

Last weekend, I was fortunate enough to have my friends over for a Spin-in and Crafting day. The house that I live in with my new family is transitioning from just a house into a home. A place where we can gather in peace and tranquility to pursue our passion in love and support.


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