Monday, September 27, 2010

It's the Dog's Fault!

I took Miles to elementary school extra early this morning.  Without going into details, he got into a little bit of trouble last week with his Vice Principal (it really and truly wasn't his fault) so his only consequence was to write a four sentence apology note to be delivered this morning.  We should have had lots of time to make the delivery, but things didn't work out that way.

You see, Lucy, our Black Lab puppy, decided to go along for the ride.  I made a couple of mistakes.  1.)  I did not leash her since she was not to leave the car.  2.)  I did not bring marrow bones along for the trip.  And yes, you get the jist of where this story is going right now. 

Lucy escaped from the car as we were getting out to go into the office, and ran across the street and to the park conveniently located directly across.  She was not going to be caught under any circumstances!  I yelled to Miles to stay by the car, and tried to snag her.  She is not stupid though, and danced just outside of my reach for quite a while.

The school bell rang.  Miles yelling furiously "Laura, I'm going to be TARDY!"  I yelled back to stay by the car.

We could see all the kids filing into class.  It was too late now.  Miles WAS tardy.  And since the traffic on the street was now gone, I called out to him to come across the street to help me, and to bring his lunch pail with him.

Well, Lucy is a sucker for food every time.  Together we caught her, reinstated her in the car, and went to the office where they issued Miles a tardy slip.  So I countered by writing a note to Mrs. Williams in explaination.

"Dear Mrs. Williams,

Please excuse Miles for being tardy this morning.  We actually did arrive at school in plenty of time to deliver the promised note to Mr. Gerson as well as get him into class on time.  But when I opened my car door, the family Black Lab puppy, Lucy, burst out and ran across the street to the park. It took a tremendous amount of time to catch her, and the only way we finally did was for Miles to sacrifice one of the pieces of pizza in his lunch.  100% of the dogs surveyed like pizza and I suppose that this is an iteration of the old "The Dog Ate My Homework" excuse which, by the way, actually DID happen to me in High School.

Thank you for your consideration.



Anonymous said...

Poor guy just can't catch a break right now..Hope he has a better week. You TOO..Love ya'll

Pickyknitter said...

dog tip - run away from the dog. if you chase them, they run away from YOU.


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